Raphael Dhainaut

Raphael Dhainaut

Full Stack Developer
Vuejs, Angular, Asp.Net
Brussels Area, Belgium
current position
Full Stack Developer at Actiris
previous position
Analyst Developer at IT-Optics
Bachelor in IT at HELHa Hight School

Developer, code craftsman and entrepreneur, I still love my job so much.
I am a passionate developer and I look for new IT challenges every day.
My goal is to create apps that make sense.

I now have more than 13 years of corporate experience
I also designed and developed a few projects in my spare time.
For more details, I invite you to browse the section projects section.
With the experience that I have today, I can meet any request and find a technical solution.

I master fundamental web technologies such as HTLM5 , CSS3 , Typescript / Javascript . I was able to master many frameworks including VueJs, Angular, ASP.Net, ....
I was able to validate my skills and I am proud to be a certified Microsoft Web Developer and a Vuejs Developer.

I love the evolution of the frontend ecosystem over the past few years which is continually reinventing itself, but I'm careful not to be blinded by the hype. On the backend side, I was able to evolve at the same time as the Microsoft ecosystem through its .Net framework and its C# language. I particularly liked the MVC approach, the simplicity of the Web API, the productivity boost by OData.

I can use all this knowledge to create efficient and useful apps.
I know today that the best results are obtained by following a proven methodology while being flexible to users needs and business changes.


Work experience
Present - 2013
Full Stack Developer
At Actiris

Develop both Front-End and Back-End solutions in agile/scrum process.
Enhance, update and troubelshoot existing applications.
Defines and enhances programming guidelines and achitecture standards.

Work in Microsoft environment (Azure DevOps, Visual Studio, Visual Code, TFS, Git, MS SQL Server, Web Api, WCF, IIS, Windows Server, Windows, ...).

Present - 2018
Software engineer

Support, design and develop professional web projects as a Full stack web developer.

See projects section for more info.

2013 - 2012
Analyst Developer
At IT-Optics

Analyse and Develop web solutions in using PHP 5 + Symfony 2.

Work in Open source environment (Linux/Unix, Eclipse/Netbeans, ...)

Jan 2011 - Jun 2011
Analyst Developer Trainee
At ICTRA, the IT Department for SNCB

Analyse and develop a web application in ASP.NET/C# with an Oracle database. Write a final these about the webapplication development and expose it to a jury.

2011 - 2007
Bachelor in IT and Systems
At HELHa HighSchool

Learning algorithmic advanced, Object Oriented approach and basic patterns.
Learning programming languages: C, C#, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, ....
Study of UML methodology.
Learning network and systems basis.


To get an overview of what I'm able to do today, inspect the source code (press CTRL + U keys).
This website is my realisation at 100%.

PigeonMarket is an marketplace dedicated to pigeons lovers. The website handles a online catalog, a product page, a sale system, online auctions, a user area, a shopping cart, a online payment with custom checkout page and more.

This complete website has been crafted with love. I have used VueJs for the front end and core / C# as backend solution. This app is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud service. I have imaginated, designed, developed and deployed this webapp by myself.


Web Standards

This project is a set of online documents to define standards and guidelines. All rules are opinionated with clear samples.

There is an architecture guide that defines the application structure and good practices. There are other guidelines that defines style and formatting rules;

See is a professionel Website created to offer web creation services to public. The website is modern, responsive and dynamic to be attractive and touch a large target. is a responsive WebSite build in ASP.NET CORE MVC . It uses HTML5, CSS3 and Angular JS (v1.5) to offer the best experience user.

Note: I have imagine, analyse, design and develop this project form start to end.
This project is avaible in french or in english.